About Us

Gossip Shoes was established in 1991, by the 2nd & 3rd generation of a renowned family from Bombay, specialized in manufacturing high-end beautiful bespoke women’s shoes.

The goal of the company has always been to produce high-end shoes at an affordable price for our customers. Our goal is to please the customer with the superior quality & reasonable rate of our footwear. 

We are constantly striving to provide an exemplary shoe, without compromising the quality of the final product.

We have no middlemen & retailers, who artificially over inflate prices. Our shoes are manufactured and distributed directly from our factory to customers through our own stores or through our website

With this in mind we try and keep costs down, so we can utilize resources to continually improve the quality of our products.

We only use high-end materials – leathers, embellishments, stitching thread, etc in all our products. We are also one of the very few companies that use genuine leather soles on our shoes!

Our small family of second generation skilled master craftsmen take a lot of time and effort to select the best leathers and suedes, then cut, stitch, colour, hand-last and do the final finishing on them, all in house. We take great pride in keeping alive, the pure hand-work tradition of our artisans.

We shy away from the current ethos of the current generation – poor quality and a corresponding low price that reflects this, items of a disposable nature, rather than something of great quality and design, to be handed down through the generations!

We will also gladly provide you with a bespoke item – crafted just for you and to your very own specifications and designs. An ultimate choice for the discerning few.

If on receipt of your Gossip Shoes, you are not absolutely pleased with them, or you do not feel they live up to your expectations, please do return them in the same condition you received them and we shall happily provide, either a refund or your choice of a similar replacement shoe.

We pride ourselves on the quality and passion that goes into each of our products.

Our valuable customer’s feedback and criticism is always well heeded and incorporated, wherever possible!

We are always innovating and adding exciting new designs, every week, so please do stop by!


Thank you for being a part of Gossip and we welcome you to our website!


Do Drop us a Line or Give us a Call :

Email :  info@gossipshoes.in

Helpline : +91-22-371 3181.


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